Month and Year of Birth: September 2010 

Bhavyashree is 3.5 years old, found out that she had RB on her bday in 2013.

Her mother said that she elated when she had a baby girl but was heartbroken when they found out about the problem Bhavyashree has.

They live in Arsikere and the dad travels every alternate day to come to Bangalore, drive a bus (he works for BMTC) and then heads back to Arsikere.

Bhavyashree has undergone 2 sessions of Chemotherapy and the third session is planned for 12th June.

The family had managed to pay for the first session of chemotherapy and were seeing their savings dwindling away and were unsure how they would pay for the treatment. We at Iksha have taken up supporting this child as well as of May 2014.

The family has a second child as well now who was born 16th May 2013 and the mother mentioned that they had got the second child for a checkup and everything checked out ok.

Bhavyashree started off being very tentative and nervous about meeting the folks from Iksha, but slowly began getting comfortable, smiled and even Hi 5'd us. We hope to make a significant change in this child's life by ensuring she is able to live as normal a life as any other child.