Krishna Baiju

Month and Year of Birth: August 2010

Her mother noticed vision problem when she was 3-months old. On consultation of an ophthalmologist, MRI and Scanning were done, and she was diagnosed with bilateral Retinoblastoma. She received 6 cycles of Chemotherapy, laser and was stable for 6 months. Unfortunately, Cancer resurfaced. She then received 3 cycles of Chemotherapy, Laser and five fractions of radiation and was Cancer free for 4 years before tumor resurfaced. She further received 3 cycles of Chemo, and her right eye had been enucleated in November 2018. Custom made prosthetic eye had been implanted in January 2019. She has limited vision in the left eye and is on 3 months follow up to ensure Cancer does not resurface.

We applaud the fighting spirit of the family and wish her speedy recovery.