Omer Aiden

Month and Year of Birth: June 2009 

Master Mohammed Omer Aidan was 2 yr 4 months old boy when he came in for a check up at Narayana Nethralaya. His parents consulted OEU Institute of Ophthalmology, Manipal where he was diagnosed with retinoblastoma in the right eye, and were referred to Narayana Nethralaya for further treatment.

His parents are financially not well off, father is working as a driver in Mumbai and mother is a housewife and requires support for the treatment. He underwent chemotherapy and lasers to try and save the eye. The eye lasted less than one year, after which the tumors recurred. On further chemotherapy, the tumor did not respond and the family made a decision to remove the eye. After the surgery, the child has been tumor free for the past few months.