Month and Year of Birth: June 2004

Prashanth is a 14 years old boy, who attends school. He was diagnosed and treated for bilateral Retinoblastoma over 10 years ago with chemotherapy and right eye had been Enucleated. He was Cancer free for few years but unfortunately, over 4 years ago, he had a relapse of retinoblastoma and tracers of the cancer were seen in the second eye. Altogether, he underwent 16 cycles of chemo and 45 Fractions of radiation and tumor subsided.

In January 2018, Cancer resurfaced and was treated with laser. His vision deteriorated further was finding it hard to read the blackboard at school even with low vision aids (called telescope) sponsored by Iksha 3 years back. Iksha, now funded Mobilux LED (LED powered) Smart lux DIGITAL (Pocket/Stand digital magnifier) worth Rs 59,580. With the help of these digital magnifiers, he is doing better at school.

Month updated: November 2018