Month and Year of Birth: August 2010

Vennila’s parents are from Ananthapur in Andhra Pradesh and was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma when she was 3. Her father is a farmer and are not financially capable of paying for the treatment, so Iksha is paying for the treatment of Vennila.

Her right eye was removed because of an advanced tumor. She has undergone chemotherapy for her left eye and is currently undergoing focal laser treatment. The tumor has regressed, but not gone away yet. The doctors tried more aggressive treatment to heal the tumor as soon as possible but were not successful.

In late 2013, the doctors took the call to remove her second eye as well and it was very hard on the family to take the decision to go ahead, but they realized that it was essential to do so in order to save her life.


Venilla is now completely blind, but her spirit is still high. She talks in a sweet voice and recognizes the doctor's voice and some of the Iksha trustee's voices.