Iksha Supports Children with Eye Cancer

Iksha foundation is a public charitable trust to focus on Retinoblastoma (eye Cancer) - to create awareness, to provide aid for its treatment and to support research to improve care of children with Retinoblastoma.

We at Iksha believe that no child should ever lose eyesight or face death to this type of childhood cancer that has one of the best cure rates. No family should have to go through the unspeakable pain of losing a child. We are currently supporting children who have been diagnosed with Retinoblastoma and are being treated at several hospitals in Bangalore.

Retinoblastoma is a life threatening eye Cancer that affects children. The Cancer grows from the retina, which is a sensory layer located inside the eye. As the Cancer progresses, it may be observed by the parents as a white mass from within the eye. Eventually, the eye becomes painful, red and swollen. Once the Cancer spreads outside the eye it becomes a threat to life, especially when it spreads to the brain and other parts of the body.

Objectives of iksha

  • To provide financial support to the poor and underprivileged families of children with Retinoblastoma
  • To ensure early diagnosis and timely treatment.
  • To spread individual as well as societal awareness about Retinoblastoma and promote early detection
  • To ensure quality treatment to these children.

Retinoblastoma Treatment

  • The treatment depends a lot on how advanced the cancer is when treatment starts.
  • The recurring costs are that of chemotherapy, radiation and potentially laser or freezing therapy.
  • The average cost of treatment is around Rs 150,000 per year per child.
  • This type of childhood cancer that has one of the best cure rates
CSR Support
RBL Bank is one of India's fastest growing scheduled commercial banks with an expanding presence across the country.
Iksha Foundation welcomes Bajaj Finserv as a corporate sponsor in supporting children with Retinoblastoma.

Umeed 1000 - November 2014

We are excited to have Jasmeet Gandhi ride a cycle from Mumbai to Bangalore for our cause. Jasmeet has decided to ride his cycle for the 1000km solo in order to spread awareness of retinoblastoma and the work that Iksha does. Jasmeet will be starting his ride on children's day from Mumbai.

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Promoting iksha : Lakshmi Gopalaswamy

Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, a South Indian film actress and a classical Bharatanatyam dancer participated in the TCS World 10K Majja Run that was held on June, 5 2011 at Bangalore. Using the run as a platform, Lakshmi spread the awareness about retinoblastoma along with us at Iksha.

 "I believe that supporting an NGO like Iksha helps me give back to the community. I believe that all these children should be given a chance and find that the work Iksha is doing will go a long way in saving the life of a child with eye cancer" - Lakshmi

Aid at hospitals

Iksha has a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Narayana Nethralaya, Majumdar Shaw Cancer Center, Prabha eye clinic, Vittala Eye clinic and Sri Sankara Cancer Hospital in Bangalore, Center for sight in Hyderabad and H V Desai in Pune. This MOU helps Iksha with its objective of providing financial aid to underprivileged families of children with Retinoblastoma. 

When a child is diagnosed with Retinoblastoma the doctors send Iksha a formal request for support. The request will contain details of the treatment needed, costs involved and the financial condition of the parents.

Iksha will conduct due diligence before a decision is made to proceed with financial aid. For children supported by Iksha, the hospitals will charge for treatment only and will waive the Doctor's fee and the hospital charge.

Iksha is in the process of networking and coming to an understanding with other hospitals and doctors who are treating children with Retinoblastoma. It is also working on other initiatives to help spread the facts about Retinoblastoma.