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Support the various activities of Iksha Foundation with your donation. The donations are used for treatment of children with Retinoblastoma, providing custom prosthetic eyes for children who have lost one eye, education of children with retinoblastoma and awareness of retinoblastoma.

Get your company involved

Every large company takes up CSR activities. Talk to your HR or CSR team in the company and introduce the activities of Iksha Foundation to your company.

Wildlife for Cancer

Ramki Sreenivasan, a wildlife photographer and cancer survivor has put all his photographs in support of Iksha Foundation. Pick the photo you like the most, select the size, make a donation! You get a print and good karma for supporting Iksha Foundation!

Tax Exemption

All donations are eligible for tax savings under 80G of the IT Act in India. We can accept donations in Indian Rupees only from Indian nationals. 

Get Invovled

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