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What is retinoblastoma?

Retinoblastoma is a life threatening eye Cancer that affects children. The Cancer grows from the retina, which is a sensory layer located inside the eye. As the Cancer progresses, it may be observed by the parents as a white mass within the eye. Eventually, the eye becomes painful, red and swollen. Once the Cancer spreads outside the eye it becomes a threat to life, when it spreads to the brain and other parts of the body.

If detected early, this is the most treatable form of cancer.

Retinoblastoma in India

The knowledge about Retinoblastoma with the general population is very low. We have come across cases where, the child gets the right medical attention late because of lack of awareness even amongst practitioners. In India, everyday four children are born with eye cancer, one in four will die.


Wildlife for Cancer

Wildlife for Cancer is a platform created by a well-wisher, Ramki Sreenivasan, to raise money for underprivileged children suffering from Retinoblastoma. Ramki, on his road to recovery from stage IV cancer, discovered the harsh reality of unaffordable cancer treatment, especially for the poor.

Ramki is a nationally acclaimed nature and wildlife photographer and is selling his stunning pictures of India’s wildlife on the website. You can buy quality prints of these images and the entire contribution will go directly to Iksha Foundation.

How does Iksha Foundation help?

Support for treatment of the cancer

Iksha foundation is a public charitable trust focussing on Retinoblastoma (eye Cancer) - our objective is to create awareness, to provide aid for its treatment to underprivileged children and to support research to improve care of children with Retinoblastoma.

We at Iksha believe that no child should ever lose eyesight or face death to this type of childhood cancer which has one of the best cure rates. No family should have to go through the unspeakable pain of losing a child. We currently support children who have been diagnosed with Retinoblastoma and are being treated at several hospitals in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune.

On-going care and treatment

In addition to supporting with the treatment costs, Iksha Foundation also supports with other expenses incurred for education, custom ocular prosthetics for children who have lost an eye to the cancer, visual aids for children who have diminished sight because of the cancer to ensure the child becomes a self-reliant member of the society.

White Reflex

The center part of the eyeball (pupil), which is normally black in color appear white, especially when a light shines on the eye in a dim room.


Advanced Retinoblastoma sign 

A red, painful or swollen eye or even shrunken eye – which could be hiding a cancer inside.

Squint Eyes

Also known as cross-eyes

Bleeding in the eye

This is a rare sign 

Decreased Vision

This is a rare sign


Signs of Retinoblastoma

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